Tesla Motors has proven that he can build the most modern cars in the world. And apparently, Elon Musk also insisted that they build their own IT systems and e-commerce platforms.

Most of Tesla's IT departments are home-made, CIO Jay Vijayan said on the stage of Constellation Research Connected Enterprise today. The reason is that the traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have not shortened it, and the company has a vertically integrated operation that requires a custom environment.

The speed and agility that Tesla needed in an ERP environment could not be found in the market, Vijayan said. Clearly, SAP ERP technology did not work for other automakers, and Vijayan knew what it took to implement and update the SAP environment. "Elon said it would not cut it," Vijayan said.

In four months, Vijayan and his team of more than 250 employees built the ERP system, which serves as the basis for operating the scooter. Now each department uses the same system without having to make custom connectors so that different systems can work together.

The company has also developed a world-class e-commerce system designed to buy cars as seamlessly as possible

Because of the fundamental difference in its business model, Tesla needed to build its own IT and ecommerce system. For decades, automakers have sold their cars through local dealers, a fixture of every city in America. But Tesla sells its cars directly to customers. All materials, processes and features require an operation that is unique so that Tesla can sell its cars online.

Tesla is another example of how much technology is being reinvented by young companies who need to build things for their business by themselves.



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