In the African country, the banks were completely lost.
Samussun began to poke around in garbage, scrap and buy electronic scrap.
The decision was made by the company in connection with a strong rise in price of cobalt: its prices in 2017 increased by 235%.
Experts attribute this to the introduction of a material tax in the Congo, where up to 60% of the world's cobalt reserves are available.

In addition, Samsung SDI plans to buy shares of the waste recycling company, and will sign a long-term agreement with cobalt suppliers . About whom they are negotiating with, they did not inform the company, but the corporation mentioned the leading companies engaged in processing – American Manganese Inc. and Umicore SA.

To date, in addition to Samsung, other companies are concerned with the deficit of cobalt, including Volkswagen, BMW and Panasonic.

The capitalists know how to count money, the war and the planting of democratic values ​​will come out cheaper than such prices for raw materials .


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