Without the iceberg the Titanic would have come to New York, more than 1500 people would not have died. James Cameron would not have won three Oscars (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing), either for the 1997 movie, which tells the story of the theoretically unsinkable ship. So the iceberg was the culprit, right?

Well, the iceberg just swam because the icebergs know that. It was the captain's fault that led to one of history's biggest shipwrecks. Likewise, Sergio Marchionne is guilty that the FCA sinks like a brick.

The last Wards Auto report fixes the numbers, and he paints a very grim picture. [19659003] To say that last month was a total catastrophe would be the understatement of the year. Compared to the same month last year, every FCA brand in the US market recorded a decline in sales.

As expected, Fiat fell the most by 45.5 percent to 1,229 vehicles. Dodge declined 33.9 percent to 27,600 units, while Chrysler declined 24.0 percent to 10,584 vehicles and RAM 19.3 percent to 31,700 units. Why, even Jeep, which currently has probably the best portfolio of all FCA brands, has also fallen, although the decline of 1.9 percent compared to the results of all other brands practically no worries.

As the report shows, Last year, the FCA recorded a year-on-year decline of 16 based on daily turnover. This is not a typo: 16 continuous declines ! This has a very simple explanation. Over the past decade and a half, Fiat Group managers have made one mistake after another, so it was inevitable that things would eventually turn very, very angry.

So why, you might ask, blame only Marchionne? On the one hand, he has been the boss of the ship since 2004 and, on the other hand, he himself has made very bad decisions. While he was initially applauded for Fiat's quick turnaround into the straight-for-profit zone and acquired Chrysler when he filed for bankruptcy, we really can not remember all the mistakes and constant changes in the plans he made in the last few years alone, who have led the whole group into this catastrophic situation, but we will shoot at it.

He killed Lancia

It's not that the brand was really healthy when Marchionne became the group's CEO, but his Decision to roll three "new" models (essentially purchased Chrysler) only to leave them shortly thereafter, leaving Lancia with only the Ypsilon sold on its home market was he completely did his thing. Lancia had a long and excellent history and simply did not deserve to die. Even with the accused Chryslers, Marcionne could have taken some time to spread exciting cars, but he took the easy way out and pulled the plug.

He left Fiat with a very limited lineup [19459016

Let's take a look at the range of Fiat, shall we? Well, we have the 500 the 500C, the 500X, the 500L, the 500L Trekking and the 500 Abarth. This is a car that was originally launched in 2007, and although everyone fell in love with it at first, it's just too long on the market. Then again, there is the Punto, which has been in use for some time, since it came on the market in 2005. As for the bravo, let's just say it will not be missing. So, Fiat is left with only a mini-car in different versions, plus a very, very old B-segment car. Oh, and one accused MX-5 that is somehow less fun to drive than the Japanese version. Nice job Sergio

He has still not been able to revive Alfa Romeo

At this point, one could cry "unfairly", z sub his lead, Alfa, which has gotten more fuel from petrol than any other automaker, launched its first rear-wheel drive sedan and its very first SUV. As the initial excitement wears off, it is clear that Alfa's offer is very limited as it consists of the MiTo (a stylish punto with less space and a higher price), the Giulietta, the Giulia and the Stelvio, plus the 4C with low volume.

This is to be the brand that will fight against BMW, Mercedes and the rest of the premium segment contenders? Even Ferrari has a wider lineup for screaming! Maybe he would have sell it to the VW group when Ferdinand Piech tried to acquire it, but that was in the pre-diesel gate era. Now Germans have shifted their priorities to electrics and hybrids and the offer is no longer on the table.

He can not conclude a contract with another manufacturer

In the automotive world, it is currently about mergers and large cooperations, the lesser development – And manufacturing costs and thus enable higher profit margins. Mercedes-Benz works with the Renault-Nissan Alliance for its compact models and BMW develops its Z4 successor along with Toyota which is a separate version that will get Supra. Marchionne was publicly humiliated by GM boss Marry Barra who practically laughed over his face when he proposed a collaboration. PSA preferred to buy Opel instead of working or collaborating with the FCA. 19659003] He builds a Ferrari SUV

Not long ago, Marchionne stated that he had to be shot dead he granted a Ferrari SUV. Apparently, somebody did that and the resulting damage has led him to admit that the Jumping Horse will roll out a crossover . Yes, we are aware that all jump on the SUV train, even archrival Lamborghini .

On the other hand, although their supercars are rivals on the road, Lambo does not have much of racing history, while Ferrari's name is inseparably linked with motorsport. An SUV will certainly increase sales, but that changes brand DNA.

Ferrari was never about volume, despite the fact that it will sell every single car sold. It could look like a turd, and it will still sell as long as the Cavallino Rampante does. But a Ferrari-badged SUV? Enzo has to roll in his grave!

True, Maserati built the Levant (which by the way does not go very well ), but although it is a luxury brand, it does not even come close to the prestige of Ferrari. Marchionne should not build more SUVs for Alfa Romeo because the Stelvio is not enough: Try to count the SUVs of Audi, Merc or BMW if you have a lot of spare time Alfa is still fighting.

There are many more things we could say, for example, how the FCA gives its US brands a range that fights mostly against GMs and Ford's much younger portfolio, or how, when the whole industry is working on electrification, Marchionne says it is not viable – but we will not.

Instead, we will conclude this with a proposal: Just return Luca di Montezemolo and give him the keys of the FCA. The man had been with the Fiat Group since 1974 when he joined Ferrari's Formula One team until 2014, when he resigned for his objection to Marchionne's plans for the brand. He was also the one who brought together the tight-knit team of people who brought Ferrari back to winning Formula One championships after two decades, and he was also the man who significantly improved the quality of Maranello road vehicles. Or simply sell the company to the Chinese ; Look what Geely has done with Volvo that's in its best shape.



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