The Route of the Day

For almost a year, I've been photographing for the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association and its website Fuel Curve . It's an arrangement that is quite in keeping with my work over here, since for the most part it's two different parts of the same world.

I was at their offices in the suburb of San Francisco Bay Pleasanton before, and was away from what Goodguys has hidden over there. When they contacted me to turn a classic pickup truck that they had built a few years ago, I immediately jumped into the store.

If you're reading from America, you already know who they are. But if you're from overseas, you may not know who those people are. Goodguys has always been known for hosting large gatherings, often with over 100,000 visitors. It's not just an annual affair, but instead once or twice a month, across the country.


I have taken far too many pictures to go into every detail, instead I only take you on a small (actually large) walk through their premises in Pleasanton where I first enter the garage dozens of phenomenal restorations are located.


Next, I'll take you into the aisles of their offices, where a ton of vintage hot rod art is found; This headquarters is more than a place to do work, it is a museum.


Finally, we will stop in the weird car room, where a ridiculous 3,500-horsepower Camaro sleeps at night, the engine is just being demolished, so it was a good opportunity to look at the relatively bare chassis. [19659011] 2018-SH-GoodGuys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_003 "Data Attachment ID =" 364635 "Data-Go Full Screen =" / uploads / 2018/02/12124318/2018-SH-Good Guys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_003.jpg "data-can-print =" true "data-attachment-url =" 2018/02 / american-muscle-car-mania-at-goodguys-hq / 2018-sh-gutguys-tour-trevor-Ryan_003 / "src =" wp-content / uploads / 2018/02/12124318/2018-SH-Good Guys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_003-1200×800.jpg "/>

A side project for the day was that the two store puppies Marley and Max They can tell by their suspicious glances that they told me early on that it would be a tough fight.


Me also had the opportunity to meet with Mark Goodwood's President Mark Mark Meadors.When you visit the Muscle Car Show in Amerik Knowing a, you already know that Mark is the son of the late Gary. Good Guy "Meadors – Gary was a car guy through and through, and started Goodguys in 1983 after an already stellar history in the automotive world. [19659003] Over the past 35 years, Gary's auto club has grown to over 70,000 members and has over 800 shows so far Everything went down with swapping, drag racing, autocross and demolition derbies at the events, his son Mark has big shoes to fill and, like his dad, he has a lot of fun doing it literally, in fact, as he does funny car controls.

The Goodguys Workshop

  2018-SH-Good Guys Tour Trevor-Ryan_007 >

Anyway, first station, the workshop.

  2018-SH -Goodguys Tour-Trevor-Ryan_008

This Lincoln had to be one of my favorites gsautos of the day, but behind it was actually something even more interesting. It is a fully restored 1948 Chrysler Town & Country with a family friendly Mopar exchange.

I convinced the guys to take me with them so we could pick up the pickup – from a quarter of a million dollars recovery. They were friendly, and I also got a feature on the V10 & 48;

  2018-SH-GoodGuys Tour-Trevor-Ryan_018

The place is brimming with good old school cars, so full in fact that some were banished to the shelves.


This particular dragster was out of service after it had blown its engine dramatically.

  2018-SH-GoodGuys-Tour- Trevor-Ryan_024

Seriously, this place is home to so much feature-worthy American iron.

Like this handmade Moal creation. This and the & # 39; 48 Chrysler are probably two of the most valuable cars here.

So much ingenious stuff as there is hidden in the huge garage, there is a good handful of the Goodguys collection that is not present in these photos. At least a few cars are always on display, loaded on display, in trailers or borrowed somewhere.


The more I hopped around in the garage, the more good things I found. It's almost funny to see an engine like this sitting on the ground, but that's exactly how it is here.

Still no luck with Marley or Max,

  2018-SH -GoodGuys Tour-Trevor-Ryan_036
  2018-SH-Good Guys Tour-Trevor-Ryan_039

Can you imagine what it must feel like in one of them at over 100 miles per hour to slip into the dirt?

Outside, another incredible testament to Goodguys continued success. You know that you have taken it seriously if you have two semi-trailers and a few trailers that are hanging in the backyard at any time. The best part is that they were not wrapped up – that's color. In fact, PPG has a special "Goodguys Yellow" just for the store and its buildings.

And as they say, color is aging, vinyl is dying. Look at this old transporter as proof. I have to say, I have never wanted to have such a car in my life. I actually asked for it, but my editor at Fuel Curve CJ Holt said it was part of the family at the time. Many a junkyard run was made in this matter.

The Best Office in the World

  2018-SH-Goodguys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_044 [19659006] As promised, a good look at all the old school goodies these guys have collected over the decades is appropriate. You may have noticed this huge banner in the background of a few garage shots, and it's just one of many pieces that Goodguys had commissioned.


Many of the other items in their collection are gifts, and others were simply bought to liven up the halls.

  2018- SH-GoodGuys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_049

I also had to sneaking in during my visit to a few offices, just to see how it is actually behind the scenes. I have to say, I was not disappointed.

 2018-SH-GoodGuys Tour -Trevor-Ryan_056 >

Who else has such things hanging on the wall opposite their monitor?

  2018-SH Good Guys tour Trevor Ryan_058 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>> Do not advise to take your camera in a toilet …

  2018-SH-Goodguys-Tour-Trevor-Ryan_059 > [19659006=NaturalStackandStackof Goodguys Gazettes could be found on the lves of most offices.


Then I found the conference room.


Few things are as inspiring as a supercharged, straight, large-volume V8. Really, it's a really special place and a great place to get work done.

Haha, that's funny!


Ok, why are they called 'funny cars'?


Turns out, it's just because they look funny. Seriously, look it up.

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<p> I suppose the length of that hood is rather comical, after all. </p>
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<p> While we're in the Camaro's shop I noticed another crazy drag racing. After my visit, I really want to go to the drag strip this year. </p>
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  • Then there's the massive billet alluminum Nelson Racing's 413 cubic inch (6.77L) engine at the heart of it.