February 13, 2018
The Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) to investigate the crash of the An-148-100V plane RA-61704 informs that the decommissioning of the on-board parametric recorder data has been completed at the IAC laboratory and preliminary information analysis has been carried out.

A preliminary analysis of the registered parametric information showed that during the entire flight, which ended in an accident, the heating of all three full pressure receivers (PAP) was off. In all other flights on the chart recorder (15 more flights), the heating of the overflow was activated before take-off at the executive launch.

Takeoff was started around 11:21 (hereinafter UTC time).

After the separation at an altitude of 130-150 m (hereinafter altitude from the runway level), the autopilot was switched on. In the longitudinal channel of the autopilot, the mode of reaching the specified altitude was fulfilled, in the lateral channel – the horizontal navigation. At an altitude of 550 m the flaps were cleaned.


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