Another selection for the weekend. I hope it will come in handy!
Mostly serials 2015-2017.
There will be 18 photos + sensitive text.

Mindhunter / 19659003] 1. Genre – thriller, drama, crime
2. Description – The action of the series takes place in 1979. In the center of the story are two FBI agents who interview the serial killers in prison to understand their way of thinking, as well as uncover current crimes.
3. 1 season
4. Surprised, but many do not know about this series. One of the directors and executive producer is David Fincher, and this is already a sign of quality. Gloomy viscous atmosphere, half-dark shots, elegant dialogues, a plot mixed of real events and people.
To the fans of action – past, to fans of colloquial detectives – to watch necessarily.
5. Rating 8.5


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