The creators of the film "Scythian" decided in advance to defend themselves from criticism, saying that this is fantasy. Well, once the fantasy, then bribes are smooth. But remember the simple fact. When you start talking – "the film is just a fairy tale" – you know, they laugh at you! Now we shall prove.

In the cinema I found out that I would watch the film all alone. On the day of the premiere … "The people suspected something," I thought and was right.

Fantasy is a wonderful genre. But any fantasy must obey logic, it should not be contradictory. After all, as old man Tolkien said, "… it's easy to come up with a green sun; it is difficult to create a world in which it would be natural. " The world of the film "Scythian" is as unnatural as the green sun in a talentless novel of the same genre.



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