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This story could just make you CRY … Literally. This story is sad and sad because the woman in question may or may not get pregnant again. Sad, because some men are really scum and also because a lover was not only deceived, but a close friend was used to fill the void. Life! More

In 2009, Ms. J, who lives in Abuja, completed her secondary school and, like many other young high school graduates from Nigeria, tried JAMB. (For the readers who are unfamiliar with the education system of our great country, the Joint Admissions and Impricitation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian Admissions Examination Board for Higher Education Institutions.

The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective students of course you was a very smart girl, so she passed a good grade (297, to be exact), and fortunately she was nominated for PUME (a test conducted by universities to test more candidates). [19659004]

Fast forward to her trip to the West, she was supposed to stay with her aunt for her PUME and, like all concerned Nigerian parents, had her aunt (the father's youngest sister) instruct her to read thoroughly about her PUME. In a few days she should stop, but really They did not even have to go that far, because she was a "serious bookworm," a bookworm that spread Actually she was deprived of the pleasures of "hanging up"

In fact, she was the prefect of the library in her secondary school (I forgot to put her in earlier). Days later When she flew into the city, it was time for her, her Make family proud again. Her aunt drove her to university …. It was the university for the big boys and girls.

The university where things happen. The university where "all the lady" loved to pack herself. She went to her PUME and came out with a smile. She knew that she had done her usual magic and was very sure that her first attempt at the university was a donee deal.

She had asked her parents to leave her with her aunt for a while to chill with her (by the way, her aunt was not married).

Her parents finally agreed that she was with her closest relative, who thought it was not nice to just let her in for her PUME, then she's done. "Give the girl some breathing space" they thought. Her aunt was an entrepreneur who had a thriving digital agency that was very popular. She had a staff strength of about 25.

One day, Ms. J. asked her to follow her to the office, and she signed up. That was the day everything changed! She met Mr. J in the company of her aunt. He was a part-time employee at the agency and right after meeting him things took a drastic turn. In fact, it was love at first sight for her. According to her, Mr. J had everything she ever wanted in a guy. He not only tickled her, he also just took her to Cloud 9. (The question would be, what does a 17-year-old bookworm know about tickling the phantasy, right?) Well, …

One thing led to another, they started communicating, and through all that time, they stayed for five weeks her aunt, she always followed her to work and the time she stayed home because of her menstrual cramps, she informed Mr. J, so he called to sick but did not go to work to relax with her, to comfort and caress. At this time, she was overjoyed. No one in her "painful moments" had ever shown such care for her. This happened for 3 days and directly under the supervision of her aunt. She was excited when she realized he was at the same university she applied to and wrote her PUME. He was a sophomore who decided to earn extra money by doing a part-time job in the digital agency of Ms. J's aunt. It meant one thing, she would be closer if she finally got admission to the university.

It was time for them to fly back to Abuja, they said goodbye to the phone and she asked him to continue communicating. This they did and when the list was published, she was admitted to the university to study law (her first choice).

Fast forward to university: Ms. J had convinced her parents that she wanted campus accommodation. She told them that it was easier for her to focus more on her studies, to go to the school's library easier, to study there, and to attend lectures more easily because her aunt's place was quite far from the university the usual traffic will be stressful. Her parents "accepted" it and sent their money for their hostel accommodation, but without knowing it, she did so not to be overseen by her aunt and to be free with her Mr. J (Young Love). 19659004]

In her first year, the second semester, on her birthday to be exact, Mr. J. asked her to be his girl, to whom she agreed and who in fact changed the course of her fate. She was so in love with Mr. J that she became his mother, caretaker, lover, financial advisor, helper, money lender, money sender, Bill Footer, and the list went on. (By the way, she was from a very rich family, so money was never really her problem.)

She did everything for and with him and maybe … maybe he decided to take her for granted. Three days after her birthday, he asked her to come to him and spend the night with him (he shared a room with his friend). They had planned to "love" each other that night. Of course this was her first time and she was very alright to give her body to her first love. Things were going well, she took off her clothes to get a lubricant, then there was a knock on the door. It was his roommate. He had come back from a camaraderie. The time was a few minutes past 8pm.

Although he had informed his roommate and asked them to relax in another room that night, his roommate was under no obligation. (His roommate was one of those overly squishy guys), so he'd screwed up their plans! So many requests from Mr. J. fell on deaf ears and he actually insisted on lying on the same bed as the girl and Mr. J. .. In his own words: "I pay the same amount of money with you, so I have to sleep on the bed. "Crazy right? …. Yes! Every plan they had was destroyed, she had to leave the room and return to her hostel because the bed was not big enough to accommodate three people. Luckily his flat was not that far from the hostel.

Four days after the incident, Ms. J paid a huge sum of money into her boyfriend's account and asked him to get a well-appointed place to stay. The decision to do so was made after she had consulted her closest friend on campus, Titi. Titi happened to be her bonk buddy and fellow student. Mr. J, after the series of refusal to accept their offer, later obliged (after all, it was beneficial for both). He got a house, very comfortable, got furniture and also has a generator. The money was so much that she could get all that and had some more variety to run around.

The night after settling in the new house, his "Night Wash Plan" was supposed to deflower her. He loved her (at least she thought that). From that moment on, she became his sex doll. Every day, every day, he controlled her into his house forever. Sometimes she will keep humming during her lectures until she finally decides to leave the lesson for his apartment. He even suggested that she move in with him to stay Monday through Friday as she usually spends the weekend with her aunt. She accepted that and thought it was in her own interest. At least everyone would know that it's official – well, she thought.

His fourth year was a bit tough for him. He had given up his part-time job in Ms. J's aunt to concentrate fully on school, and for being the first of five children from a broken home and his mother caring for her and the children. Help from home did not materialize. He was very sad, but Mrs. J became his knight and armor. She would make sure he was fine, I mean nothing. Ms. J always got a supplement of N70,000 from home, so she would keep N20,000 and give her friend N50,000. (It's worth noting that Mr. J. was paid N50K monthly for his part-time job he quit.)

That is, she began to pay exactly the same amount he received while he was still working. (In fact, she really loved this boy). She would use N20,000 + to take care of herself. She robbed herself of the things she usually used, which were expensive, and because she did not want her parents to think about how she suddenly developed a lavish lifestyle, she never asked that they exceeded her cash. Mr. J. lived the life. Now he could afford it without thinking how the money was earned. Bend at the expense of his bae. Drinking, smoking and even womanizing … His true colors showed, but she still loved him. Before his fourth year, after deflowering her, he usually wore a condom every time he wanted to have sex with her, but after his fourth year; In the second semester, he insisted that they be raw. This caused a strain on her relationship because Ms. J did not want it, but he insisted that if she really loved him, she would commit herself.

They had a serious argument about it, so they went back to their school accommodation, entrusting themselves to Titi (who eventually became her best friend in college). Titi has advised her to give in, because she has already given a lot to the relationship and it will be stupid that she loses him for "sex". And as always, she agreed. Days after her fight, she went to his house to apologize, but met a girl there. A 300L law student she recognized (she would discover later that he had sex with her and many others too). Bae begged silly that night, crying her eyes, crying like a Pikin, just so he could forgive her for refusing to have sex without a condom. But my guy refused. It took the intervention of Titi, who came to his house, to overcome all the tension and the problem.

Titi had played her part in taking time for her, asking that he get her number just to get Ms. J through her fall. Ms. J's phone is turned off. Ms J, reluctantly accepted (she could not do much at the time because she did not want any other problem and for the fact that Titi was her closest friend and the reason why things did not part, she just stayed mother in the background) , Sex was like free food for Mr. J and his PULL OUT GAME was LAME! In the same year she had 3 abortions for him (3 abortions in a year) and every time she broke off he would promise that he would be careful next time.

Mr. J had problems with some courses in his last year, so he automatically had an extra year. Ms. J was now in her 4th year and was about to graduate. Her grades had dipped something in the nose because of the stress in her relationship. Things were not going as planned and it looked like she was just a sex doll for him, but she still had the hope that he loved her. In the same year she had 3 abortions, and in her sixth attempt she almost died of complications. In fact, the doctor said that he would no longer be involved in any abortion. She's almost bleeding. At that point, she began to rethink life (but that did not last long because she was blinded by love)

Like her boyfriend, she had problems with some classes and had to sit. This year, G.P fell like an Iroco tree. She began to struggle with average scores in almost all newspapers. Her boyfriend finally ended up with a 2.1 after sorting out a few faculty (money he received from his bae) and was sent to Abuja for his NYSC. She was thrilled to hear about it because she had planned to move to Abuja full-time immediately after completing her studies. Her law school has already been prepared by her parents in Abuja. (They were so influential)

Titi had graduated from her and left the university for her base in the state of Oyo. She spoke regularly with her about the affairs of life and especially about problems between her and her bae. Even after graduation, Ms. J was still financially responsible for him and the funny thing is that after four years he did not even introduce her to his nuclear family. (He always had an excuse every time she raised the subject.) Always after 3 weeks in the Kubwa Camp, and his Primary Assignment (PPA) place, he went back to Lagos to see his family, and Also, Ms. J. Without knowing it, he actually came to her to help him raise money to rent a boy's quarters (BQ) that he found near his main task.

The amount was quite high, but she only had to increase it so that he felt comfortable in Abuja, she did the usual, sent money into his account. After that day, he came to her hut to rest. She became pregnant again! And as always, she was asked to do what she was reluctant to do. (Your 7th abortion in 4 years). Because her regular abortion specialist and specialist refused to do the D & C, they had to travel all the way to another state to flush it. Titi had recommended a good doctor. After the successful D & C, the doctor told her that she might not be able to have a baby because her womb could have been affected. And she decided to share this vital information with her best friend, Titi … (Ladies, keep yourself helping a lot)

Quick to their conclusion and move back to Abuja: Titi had founded their law school earlier and was also in Abuja, a stone's throw from Mr.J's house. Ms. J was aware that they sometimes visited themselves. Ms. J. asked her friend to help with food for her bae, which she did. Their bond became stronger, then the "long overdue affection" began to manifest. Titi had announced that since college she always felt feelings for him and was jealous of her, his relationship with Mrs. J. Mr. J also made it known, felt the same and though he never hummed it after collecting when he returned When he went to school, his intention was to get to know her better, but he could not because he was at home with him and did not want to get suspicious.

Titi decided to omit the inability of her best friend to bear a child, and immediately when Mr. J heard it, he found a LIFT to leave her. If he leads this, he will definitely not be with her anymore, because what he is looking for is an OWN MATERIAL. When Ms. J returned to Abuja, she noticed that Mr. J had turned to her, and indeed, every time she had sex, he always wore a condom, cold shoulders, lack of attitude towards her, and rarely even called or checked you Still, she still gave him his regular paycheck on a monthly (50k). After three months, his behavior worsened, and she realized that she had probably lost his love. One day she decided to show up unannounced. And, behold, she met Bae with Titi, who lay down in his bed, …. Naked! (My question at that time was when he heard a knock on his door and most likely verified that it was Mrs. J. Why did not he ask Titi to get dressed? At least she won, even if she was wearing her clothes Was not really nervous! ) … ..

The answer I got was; Maybe they were tired of hiding and she did not care. She was greeted with a smile from her alleged BEST FRIEND and before she could say a word, Mr. J said, "I broke up with you a long time ago, I broke up with you on the day I was told that you may not be able to bear it, bear children, how will I marry a barren woman? "From time to time she knew that Titi was behind it, but she could only sob and go … more than five years of her life, more than five years Sacrifice for Mr. J, More than 5 years they give everything for the relationship. 5+ years to the drain .. 5 + years! All this flooded her thoughts. As I write this, Ms. J is out of the country and an IV for Titi's wedding and Mr J has flooded social media. Titi and her ex-member of Mrs. J. were one year old and decided to close the knot. Mr. J is now working in a large engineering company in PortHarcourt, while Titi has just finished her NYSC.

The wedding is for the 27th of January. What a life!


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