Damn, I can not help sharing my "experience"
In short, I'm an "office rat" engaged in logistics, the post is so-so, the salary is so-so, so not very saddened, but the reason itself is interesting.
he did not expect from himself, it just happened …

In short, the essence: the day began as an ordinary Friday day, nothing boded nerves. I'm sitting around sorting out Excel tablets and graphics, looking through applications, forming documents, etc. Then suddenly in our office (and I'm not alone there, we have 9 employees in the office … well, now 8) the "daddy of the company" comes in.
And he starts to approach everyone with an intelligent air and advise something. I honestly did not follow much for his movements and I'm sitting still staring at the pixels.

Dad came to me. He began to ask about some customers, about others, and then he looks at my monitor and pulls his finger to the schedule of "terms" and starts to move his finger across the monitor, began to comment on the "dynamics of supply." As if dick with him, I can endure a lot, but when the fucking finger pokes into my clean monitor, which I regularly scrub out, so that even the dots of dirt and dust were not and that not a single spot, but here insolent way to it poke their fingers, I can not stand this. Honestly I say I'm always nervous and freaking out with freaks who have a fucking habit of poking their fingers in the monitor (that's why I hate walking with a button phone and hate tablets.)

In general, I broke up and like a zoru on "daddy": "Fuck you fucking poke fingers in the monitor !!!! Che words difficult to say? Che as a monkey tychesh? ".
Do I need to explain that everyone turned their boshki in my direction, and foolishly from my audacity, "dad" jerked his hand and another couple of seconds was in a state of ohuvaniya? To admit, I myself was fucking with my lunge. But it was just a fucking sho fucked up. And honestly confess in my heart I got a little satisfaction. Of course, I realized that I had only a few minutes left to work. And it happened. In 10 minutes. I was called "daddy" and I began to roll the application. And, by the way, this post was just written from the office, until I was cut off access. All, my friends, I'm going home. Hello!!!!!!!


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