Instagram tests options for changing the typed font fonts. For the lucky few who can access the feature being tested, there are three fonts available. These are modern, typewriter and strong.

  Instagram logo. Pixabay / Webster2703

Instagram logo. Pixabay / Webster2703

According to a report of TNW this change was first discovered in Instagram in December. This only works for Instagram stories and not for stories sent via the Direct Messaging option. Other than in India, other markets may also see two additional font options called Classic and Neon.

Once you open Instagram Stories, tap "Type" and enter your text. A button appears at the top of the screen. By pressing the button, the user can change the font and select from the various styles. As of now there are only three options (5 for some markets). It is not known if they intend to bring more to India.

Instagram must first make this option official, as it is only in the testing phase. And during the test phase, note that the typewriter font makes the text very small, so you can type more. Maybe depending on the font of the text, it may work on the size of the text option.

  Instagram now provides font options for text in Instagram Stories.

Instagram Now Provides Font Options for Text in Instagram Stories

In Other News Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to publish Instagram stories directly as WhatsApp statuses.

This will follow the standard expiration time, which will be 24 hours if the status disappears from WhatsApp and Facebook.

This comes after Facebook allowed users to publish their Instagram stories directly on Facebook.

All three Facebook owners channels seem to be in sync with each other when it comes to sharing Instagram stories.



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