A woman identified as Rosalyn from the Benue state has told her martyrdom about her husband, whom she claims is abusing her physically and emotionally.

The unfortunate woman also recounted how she found out that her husband had slept her sister for 2 years to the extent she was pregnant and stopped her.

Read her story below: –

Hello, my name is Rosalyn. From Benue State I need help, so I do not take my life. Because that seems to be the only way.

I got married at the age of 19 because I was pregnant and because I did not want to bring shame on my parents, I got married and it was the worst decision I ever made.

I never had peace. I was emotionally, physically and mentally abused.

I have nothing to say, at that time I could not visit my parents, even when I was pregnant had two children, he treated me as if I was nothing ..

I made Cs and he threatened me, the doctor to say that he should dismiss me because he did not want to waste money, I had an infection in my incision area (a (19659005) He refused to send me to school as promised, nor did he pay for having me I was punished for everything, it was like going into egg shells, he locked me in the room with my newborn baby until 3am and wept for hours because I asked him why he was at 12 o'clock

He goes out to drink, drink and cheat with many women.

One day, I asked him a question and he beat me up in front of his mother, then it happened again and again .

I ran to my parent's house Well, but I was told I should go back because divorce is not good and that he will change.

But he has never changed, sometimes he will not talk to me for weeks, nor buy food or eat the food I cook, he will insult me ​​and call me and my family names.

I dismiss everything by then Last year in August, when I found out that he slept with my child, who is 16 years old.

She told me she had sex three times a week for 2 years, she got pregnant and they broke it off..I was devastated

I was shocked, I was in pain..I wanted to be with my children run away, but I did not have a place to go, I had no money, no skills, no graduation ..

So I stayed bea ring everything … He still has not changed. It uses it instead to rub my face..I developed a terrible hypertension at the age of 26 years. He keeps torturing me and beats me up.

Threatening With a knife I ran for a few weeks to Lagos. Came back and this morning he starts beating me for no reason … I have to leave this marriage. I have to get my life back. I need help.

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