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How to cook hot sandwiches with ham and cheese 🚩 Recipes


Sandwiches are the most popular breakfast option in many families. In the morning, when everyone is in a hurry on business, often there is absolutely no time for cooking. But if you still want to treat yourself with something delicious, as an alternative you can try to make sandwiches hot. They are prepared not much longer than traditional ones, but they are more satisfying.

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You will need

  • – hard cheese – 100 g;
  • – ham – 100 g (can be replaced with brisket or bacon);
  • – chicken egg – 1 piece;
  • – mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.
  • – black ground pepper;
  • – loaf (white bread, baguette) – a few slices;
  • – dill, parsley – a few twigs (optional);
  • – salted or fresh cucumber – 1-2 pcs. (optional).


Break the chicken egg into a bowl and whisk it gently with a fork. Add mayonnaise and a few pinches of black ground pepper. Hard cheese and ham cut into small cubes and fold them into a bowl. Stir well together.

Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 180 degrees. While it is warming up, we will form sandwiches. If you are using a baguette, remove some of the crumb from it. Cut the loaf into slices. If you have white bread in a sliced ​​(for toasters, for example), then we leave the pieces intact.

Spread a mass of ham and cheese on each bread slice. After that, lay all the blanks on a baking tray and send them to a preheated oven. Bake the dish for 10 minutes. If desired, ready-made hot sandwiches can be sprinkled with chopped chopped herbs (dill, parsley). Or on each of them put on a pair of circles of salted or fresh cucumber.

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How to cook hot sandwiches with ham and cheese


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