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In recent years, before the release of every major blockbuster, I want to isolate myself from the Web. Not out of fear of running into a spoiler, but because in the comments invariably flare up competitions on throwing bile in all involved. I do not want to be a part of such disputes, and it's just unpleasant to read this. It seems that an easy opportunity to throw (and I can not find another expression for such a situation) words devalues ​​them. It became too simple to expose yourself as the cleverest and most knowledgeable person in the world, to throw insults and frankly to humiliate everyone around.

⇡ # Fashion for hate

For example, do not go far, take the same Star Wars: Battlefront II … you already ran to scribble an angry comment on this text, do not you? I do not in any way deny the problems – they certainly have a game. You can be sure of our review. But it's surprising, and even horrifying, with what appetite the gaming community pounced on the shooter. Like piranhas in the movie of the same name, they tore them to pieces in the twinkling of an eye. And almost no one even looked at Battlefront II on the other hand, and after all the game to the brim is filled with the love of the creators to the distant-distant galaxy. Most of the rebels probably did not even play, but they considered it their duty to spit in EA and DICE.

 Despite the balance problems, online battles in Battlefront 2 are still impressive

Despite the balance problems, online battles in Battlefront 2 still impressive

I'm not trying to expose developers and publishers white and fluffy. There is no smoke without fire, and claims to balance and microtransactions are justified. The creators heard them and corrected the situation as much as possible. What I call is to be calmer and more reasonable. We are not a mad herd, but sometimes you read the comments and you can imagine how in the dark ages ordinary people looked at the burning of “witches” with pleasure, shouted, encouraged and genuinely rejoiced at what was happening.

Sometimes the selectivity towards the object of hatred is surprising. How unsuccessful the stars came together over Mass Effect: Andromeda, which the lazy one did not kick. I also scolded her, there is for that. But there is a big difference between constructive criticism and the streams of frankly mocking videos about clumsy animation. And it does not matter that as many ridiculous glitches can be found in any issue of The Elder Scrolls, and the faces of the characters there in the vast majority of cases do not shine with beauty. But the whole bile comes from Andromeda. Why? Most likely, because it's Electronic Arts. Kicking the “corporation of evil” is easy and fashionable.

Immediately there appeared a lot of “exposing” videos about the situation inside Bioware, which led to the deplorable state of the new Mass Effect. “What happened to Bioware?”, “Bioware has slipped ?!”, “10 reasons to hate Mass Effect” and hundreds of other commercials with a similar title have flooded the vastness of YouTube. In fact – a low attempt to advertise themselves on the fashionable topic of hatred. After all, cut the gameplay with bugs (which, by the way, showed not all users) is much easier than to collect really serious material. How, for example, did Kotaku – that's what journalism is. If you are interested in knowing what happened in the walls of Bioware, we recommend reading.

The game, like any work of art, is an author's project. These or other decisions are dictated by certain reasons. Yes, in the end, decisions may not like some people. Some did not appreciate the restart of XCOM – it is painfully affordable in comparison with the ancestors (and now the “casual” stamp is flying). Others can not recover from Fallout 3 with its change of perspective. Still others for the same reason want to burn Resident Evil 7. Why the developers did as we see in the end – this is not a spontaneous “Come on!”, But the result of a conscious decision, a lot of experiments with different prototypes and dozens of iterations (most often).

 It's scary to imagine the reaction to Fallout 3 if Bethesda restarted the series not 10 years ago, but now

It's scary to imagine the reaction to Fallout 3 if Bethesda restarted the series not 10 years ago, but now

I'm leaving now overboard the quality of the final result is not the essence of it. It is impossible to compare a work with its idealized version, which imagination can draw. And it's not about cases of deliberately false advertising – all the negative side of the ill-fated Aliens: Colonial Marines is easy to understand. The publisher eventually responded to the law in court.

I'm talking about the situation that best describes what is happening with the eighth episode of “Star Wars”. The Internet is still boiling in furious controversy – saved the Johnson saga or buried. It's not about the pros and cons of the film. Many for some reason believe that the film is bad for the reason that these particular people are not as imagined. And he, like no other work, and should not be like that. As well as should not like everyone. Unfortunately, for many, the difference between “not mine” and “frank slops” is simply missing.

Surprise comments to our recent material about the expected games of the year. It so happened that in 2018 there are many really interesting projects from Japan. Someone does not like oriental stylistics – it's normal. Tastes differ. But one can not insult a huge cultural layer on the basis of a personal genre dislike, and at the same time all his admirers.

 Why deal with this game and what if you can give a

⇡ # The word “connoisseurs”

Where are the times when each new project waited with trembling? When we first started Doom 3, Far Cry or F.E.A.R., for example. These projects had their shortcomings, but they were debated and discussed, and not blindly hated. Halo: Combat Evolved, The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall or Gothic – players enjoyed them, despite the controversial moments. And no, I'm not even talking about the graphical component. On bugs, optimization and a lot of shortcomings scolded, but in the end the games were loved, because all the good things in them were not stoked in the streams of bile.

What happened? It seems that at some point the developers have so high the bar of quality that the “middle peasants” immediately began to write off as scrap. There is a problem – you need to urgently run to the forum and complain about what the creators of lazy. Not understanding how much effort and effort the project was actually invested in. “As a consumer, I should not care!”, Exclaim you, and I will agree. It should not. The consumer votes with the ruble. In our time, almost everyone can learn about the game.

Before the release of Watch Dogs, the trailers have already demonstrated the real quality of graphics in the gameplay. But many for some reason were sure that it was the ill-fated video shown for the year and a half before that displays the final product. The image was created, and nobody wanted to give it up. Then Ubisoft pretty much got … And hardly anyone remembered that once exactly the same story happened both with Doom 3 and with Half-Life 2 – on the release they impressed, but still did not reach the demos. But then it was easily forgiven.

 A shot from that very clip from E3 2012. A lesson for all developers for presentations: never forget to hang a warning

from the same video from E3 2012. Lesson to all developers for presentations: never forget to hang a warning “work in progress” (even for a year and a half before the release, it's not obvious to all)

In free access is full of literature on how to make movies , create games and write books. Looking behind the scenes is interesting, and generally useful for broadening the horizon. True, sometimes, after reading one book, a person suddenly thinks that he has become an expert in the matter and can sneer at someone else's work without thinking about the problems and constraints faced by those who really work in this area. When it comes to expensive entertainment media, these limitations are primarily technological and resource. It, besides, business. Nobody will invest tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in a product that will not bring profit. Namely, this is the cost of large projects. Again, this is not your, consumer, problem. But whether to spend your own money and time is your choice. Approach it responsibly.

To make high-budget games now is very expensive. Much more expensive than twenty years ago. In doing so, they must both entertain the player, and make money to their creators. But the desire to earn does not go against the desire to say something important with his work. Even the next blockbuster from Marvel is not devoid of thought. Banal thoughts about friendship, chewing gum, “together we are stronger” and so on. But is this bad?

In part, for the current situation, it is possible to chide the press itself. As I said, at some point the quality of the emerging games became so high that the non-ideal rating system failed. Most large-budget projects are now steadily receiving a lot of enthusiastic feedback. First, if you reject personal preferences, often expensive works of really high quality – you can clearly see where the money went. Reduce the evaluation for the fact that “I do not like it,” the self-respecting publication will not. Secondly, the reviewer can not stumble upon the problem and go to write a devastating text. He will try to figure out why the authors did this, and not otherwise.

 With all the problems with balance, do you really appreciate Battlefront II on 0.8 out of 10?

With all the problems with balance, you , honestly, really appreciate Battlefront II at 0.8 out of 10?

Critics often tend to dig deeper. But it is important to remember that the reviewer is a person who is as subjective as you are. And the evaluation he puts out expresses his personal attitude to what he saw, which he backs up with certain arguments. They are important, not the figure at the end of the material. Points – a convenient form to summarize the conclusion as briefly as possible. But this conclusion is still subjective, and one always needs to make an amendment to what these “10 out of 10” are for. And for this it is necessary to read the text. After all, the author can praise the design that disgusts you, or the mechanics that you are bored with.

The difference between the reviewer's assessment and your own does not come because the publisher sends the suitcases of money to the press. Oh, if accusations of corruption of authors were based on something, I would have lived on my own island for a long time … In fact, everything is simpler – one and the same thing can be liked by someone, and somebody does not. How, then, to find a publication that you trust? Exclusively with the help of subjective selection – read those whom you are interested in reading, whose opinion you share or at least are ready to accept, even if it does not coincide with your own. Not a guarantee, but a good way.

And most importantly – remember how to have fun. Remember how happy new movies / games / music used to be, they enjoyed the sensation of the discoverer. You spit on the curve animation and much more for the sake of more – for the sake of emotions, for the sake of immersion in a new uncharted world. They were surprised at new technologies and fantasies, closing their eyes to blunders.

 Daggerfall came out in those days when the feeling of the discoverer in the new world overshadowed any bugs

Daggerfall came out in those days when the feeling of the discoverer in the new world overshadowed any bugs

Was the grass earlier green? No. Games have become too many, and many of us are fed up. This earlier interactive entertainment was a rarity, so players eagerly attacked (in a good way) for each release. Now a lot of projects for every taste and color. Do not try to try everyone. Otherwise, you will be like a hedgehog, which was pricked, but continued to eat a cactus. Look for your own and enjoy it. Do not prevent others from doing the same. Take other people's views and do not judge only on the basis of discrepancies in tastes. Argue and debate, but civilized. Do not be part of an insane crowd that incites hatred. She, by and large, does not care about quality and art. But I know that you, dear reader, do not care.

* * *

Remember, the author (whatever it is, in a broad sense) is physically incapable of doing so that his the creation was to everyone's liking. And between the expression of their opinions and the insult of those whose opinion does not coincide with yours, there is a big difference. Look at things critically, but reason carefully. Do not be like those who with joyful cries burned and executed “witches” in the Middle Ages. We're not like that. We want to be better.

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