More than sixty people can not take their brand new cars from the showrooms.

All buyers faced the same problem – they bought cars at the showroom of the Kia Motors dealer on Irinovsky Avenue. The seller undertook to issue PTAs and keys to them within two weeks, and before the New Year holidays Open Road LLC pleased owners with such similar "congratulations."

Buyers are sure that they faced fraud. And Open Road LLC, selling cars to them, knew about its financial insolvency. One of the victims Kirill Zhukov tells how long he saved up for a brand-new Kia. Four hundred thousand rubles from personal savings, as much as it was necessary to take on credit.

Employees of the salon did not cause any suspicion: they competently consulted and congratulated on the purchase. And then a letter came about bankruptcy. Alarmed Kirill came to the salon, the director said that his car had allegedly already arrested the bank and took it to another parking lot.

"They came here, talked to the chief, he said the car was taken off somewhere else." I saw this car, I checked it numbers, it's my car, it's my car, and no one is going to give it away. Tomorrow, it can go somewhere, "complains Kirill Zhukov.


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