In the cold season, citrus fruits provide an electrical recovery. Behind a thick shell are sharp and vibrant wedges seasonal starbursts. For my part, I never pause to order an orange from an outdoor fruit vendor whose interior was cold and unexpectedly refreshing by the temperatures in the refrigerator. I always have substitute oranges for snacking and lemons / limes for pressing in salad dressings or for illuminating avocados in my kitchen. They roll around my sharper drawer or my worktop and sometimes get lost behind the glasses on top of my fridge. I forget them and respond to me, as if based on my negligence, shrinking.

A withered lemon is not only pretty sad to look at but also pretty useless. Imagine my joy when I met this hack to keep citrus fruits fresh longer. Like any good hack, it's simple, efficient and proven. The hack comes from people at, now Genius Kitchen.

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As you can imagine, citrus pungency is all about moisture. How do you keep this moisture in the porous fruit before it seeps into the air? To prevent this process, citrus fruits should be stored in a high humidity environment. Keep citrus in a bowl of water in your fridge, says the hack. This storage, they say, can make your fruit feel fresh for up to three months.

However, this is not the only recommendation on citrus conservation that the Internet has in stock. Other sources suggest that you keep your fruits in sealed Ziploc bags in the refrigerator. This creates a small, humid environment and prevents the lemon from losing too much liquid.

So there are two ways to make lemons, oranges, grapefruits that last longer. In a season that is so bitterly cold, do not let your citrus go the way of our cracked lips (aka, keep them thick and moisturized).

How do you store your citrus fruits? Tell us your tricks in the comments.



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