As on previous Christmas holidays, Google has begun to follow Santa's journey on the Web, the mobile web for iOS, Android mobile devices, and Android TV. With the tool, you can easily follow Santa's journey as he distributes gifts in real time around the world, including an estimated time of arrival for your specific area. This marks Google's thirteenth year of the persecution of Santa's journey.

To begin tracking, open a web browser app on your iPhone or iPad (Safari and Chrome support the mobile-optimized tracker), and then visit the official website for Google Santa Tracker . On both the mobile device and the desktop, the site displays a live map of Santa's location, its next stop, a live video feed of its trip, and an estimated time of arrival for your area.

Scrolling down, you can see pictures of the places he's visited, more details about those places, a live count of the gifts he's delivered, and more. Google added these features to the Google Maps app for iOS last year, but at the time of writing, the Santa Tracker does not seem to be included in the iOS app this year.

Of course, there are many more tracking apps and apps from the App Store, including NORAD Tracks Santa [ Direct Link ]. NORAD's Santa tracking app is mainly a countdown timer that connects you to the mobile web if you want to track the journey.

Similar to Google, NORAD describes where Santa was last seen, where he is going next, and how many gifts he has delivered. You can also interact with Santa's sleigh with a 360-degree video feed as he makes his journey around the Earth. If you're working on a Mac or another desktop computer, you can visit NORAD's full tracking website .

At the time of writing, Santa Claus was last seen across the Andaman Sea to Thailand.



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