After months of teasing, Google finally brought its AR stickers to Pixel 2. For most users with the company's latest flagship, the feature will be available today as part of an Android 2.1 update.

Announced at the Pixel event in January, the feature provided a sneak preview of a fun little expansion made possible by ARCore technology. Users dropped augmented reality characters on their own pictures and videos. It was a pretty convincing demonstration from Google's ARKit competitor, and now it's live for everyone to try, including some key product licenses.

The Stranger Things stickers we were able to play here a few months ago brought creatures from Netflix's popular series. And just days before the long awaited release of The Last Jedi, the feature brings a slew of new content from the Star Wars universe.

The company is celebrating the launch with a rather adorable new ad that disguises elements from the Last Jedi Trailer in the real world with many children, adults and dogs disguised as a character the movie. The sticker pack contains dynamic models of First Order Stormtroopers, Imperial Walkers, X-Wings and Tie-Fighters, well-known droids like R2D2 and BB-8 and of course Porgs. So, so many porgs. As if the furry little beasts were not everywhere.

There are also a number of party utensils and foodmoji that are more in keeping with Snapchat's viral dance hotdog than Apple's animoji offering – but it should also help to spend time with your new phone. The sticker sets are now available to most Pixel 2 users as a free download, but some will be available in the next few days.



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