Ugandans in social media have shot the police for raiding neighborhoods and confiscating intimacy gadgets in a sting operation.

The police wrote that they stormed old Kampala slum areas and confiscated drug and intimate devices. ] But while men who commented on Ugandan were glad that they had taken the drugs away, they took offense to taking intimacy gadgets and wondered if it was a crime for women to sexually satisfy themselves.

These are some of the comments from social media.

Shuki Sham wrote: "But why would the police honestly declare an intimacy gadget parade? Oba what misdemeanor will be on the person conceived just wondering ?? Uganda Zaabu [19659001] Kurtn Edge Jnr And until Monday morning no one will know where the hell the confiscated evidence is … ..
The OK will smoke the bang with his colleagues and bring the love machine home for the wife.

Allan Kats Mwesigwa Poor Ugandan police, that's why the army takes over your role … you ignore the biggest problems in Uganda and run after minor problems and also you use Red Pepper to get here Shame on You

Miiro Senior [b] Poor Ugandan police showing marijuana with a toy tail in the media, calling it news that deserves to be applauded ! [/b]

Kartel Mozelo Idiocy … ..Let the police find something better [1965-9001]

Mirembe Cheryl for a few days and all the intimacy gadgets will be out of police custody disappear. Uganda Police !!!!
Atabatya gwentya !!
Which part of the Constitution prohibits the use of Intimacy Gadgets

Charles Matovu Someone Educate Me on the Law Locking Toy Please?

Kora Mwesigwa Jacintah Eeehhh … nga the thing is Red hot

Kathy Ayesiga Let the toys.these days men zero

Mwalimu Olivia B Are intimacy gadgets a part of the drugs?
Shame on this useless police!

Mo Alvaro The fools are busy "arresting" intimacy gadgets rather than dealing with serious crimes. 19659015] Karyaija Martin What crime can commit intimacy gadgets, here they are 4 good ov dissatisfied women.

Boos Boz Did you confiscate someone's dick or drugs? Stop violating human rights.

Carol Namatende When did intimacy gadgets someday kill anyone?

Joviahms Kwikiriza Kats They are dealing with robbers and murder themselves, now they blind us with these little things

Jimmy Grand These are likely to cause political problems

Edrine Nalule Stupidity of the Highest Order

Quin Kinki Is it a crime to own an intimacy gadget? ? if so, for me too

Another wondered why women would pick a toy when men were available and plentiful.

Kabali Harunah Let the law be introduced who uses such toys. for ten years!

Oliver Ben But some women, you push the whole thing into yourself. Police-for-confiscatory-intimacy-gadgets


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