Pronoun, a self-publishing service for authors, will be discontinued after a promising free e-book distribution for authors. The company, which procured million of funds and eventually sold it to Macmillan announced the closure in an email to the authors and on their website.

Pronoun's goal two years ago is to create a unique publishing tool that really puts authors first. We believed that the power of data could be harnessed for smarter book publishing, paving the way for Indian authors.

We are proud of the product we have built, but even more, we are grateful for the community of authors that made it grow. Their feedback shaped the development of Pronoun, and together we changed the way authors connect with readers.

Unfortunately, Pronoun's story ends here.

While many indie publishing challenges remain unresolved, Macmillan can not continue to operate Pronoun in its present form. Each option was considered before the very difficult decision was made to end the deal.

Starting today, it's no longer possible to create a new account or publish a new book. Pronoun will terminate its distribution with an expected end date of January 15, 2018. Authors can still log into their accounts and manage distributed books until then.

For the next two months, our goal is to support your publishing needs during the Christmas season and to help you convert your books to other services. For more information on how this affects your books and payments, please see our FAQ.

The decision follows a long and probably crazy mission to distribute and sell e-books for free. The company began as Vook, a service for the creation of complex and illustrative e-books, and slowly turned to its free model. Interestingly enough, the authors' primary and best feature feature was the "free automated conversion tool that made absolutely beautiful e-books."

"They looked more beautiful than most people's e-books," wrote Nate Hoffelder in The Digital Reader .

As the Internet moves away from the user-generated content model, it will be interesting to see what other "free" content startups are hitting the skids.



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