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Have a nice Sunday and all the best nearly Halloween! It’s been a while since I shared a new blog post with all of you when I took some time off the internet to celebrate a pretty big birthday milestone. It already feels like a lifetime ago, like I’m wrapped in my birthday bubble! Now the once proud standing balloons float and crawl across the ground, which I thought, before November rolled into town, I would open the lid of my extravagant vacation before the birthday.

As early as 2016, my thoughts were swirling around with thoughts, plans and ideas for the big 3-0. I already knew I wanted to have a big blowout party with all of my friends, but I also wanted to add some relaxation to the celebrations beforehand on my most perfect vacation. For those of you who have known me / have been following my blog / social media channels for a while, you will know that I’m a bit of a Cali girl at heart. I’ve fallen in love with the state since my very first trip to San Diego over 15 years ago and have explored it continuously ever since. Fortunately, my mom also shares the same love for the west coast and became my travel companion so quickly!

Part two of the trip was quickly decided, a stopover in California, but before I met these scenic views, I had Vegas on my mind! You see, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without visiting this lively strip. So that’s what we did: We flew straight to Las Vegas for 4 nights at the Venetian, followed by an internal flight to LAX, where we picked up a rental car, and drove straight to Newport Beach. We got the best of both words: the fast, bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, followed by the calm waters and relaxed atmosphere of Newport Beach.

In addition to picking the right places, I also used the lead up to vacation to explore the restaurant and plan our days to maximize time and make sure we can all visit our favorite spots. In Vegas, that meant morels for brunch, Canaletto for risotto, Venetian for Sephora (!) And exploring new places like the Neon Museum and Fremont Street. I also stepped out of my comfort zone and arranged for a photographer to take a few pictures with 30 large balloons in front of the Vegas sign.

Once you arrive in Newport Beach, the delicious fashion island is on your doorstep, meeting all of your shopping and foodie needs in one place. You get the laid-back Cali shopping vibe filled with palm trees, outdoor boutiques, and any other brands you could want. Next to that there is the harbor with a variety of restaurants offering menus of delicious fresh fish where you can soak up the Newport vibe Rusty Pelican was a particular favorite! While on the coast, you are also a 40-minute drive from LA depending on traffic and only 20 minutes from Anaheim and Disney. Whether you want to relax by the pool or explore the local area, Newport has it all.

Although this trip included two places that I had already visited, it meant that I immediately relaxed and felt at home. I am so blessed to have my dream vacation especially when I share all of these amazing memories and moments with my mother. Be 30!

* So – LOL to the guy who takes a picture of me and my mother in the middle 😂

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