Our Baking Club has been taking care of Christina Tosis Momofuku Milk Bar all month. And as you might expect, there were muesli in desserts, complicated layer cakes and special ingredients in abundance, but Tosi knows how to keep bakery tasty and (fairly) simple too. Enter, bomb bombs.

Homemade bagel bombs from Milk bar by @ christinatosi these were delicious and easy to make!

A contribution by Linsey (@linseysowa)

If you are unfamiliar with this Milk Bar creation, bagel bombs are filled with bagels (stuffed with bacon and spring onions). The club members have also mixed and mixed the flavors. We have seen bagel bombs filled with cucumber and dill cheese; roasted garlic and onion jam fresh cheese; and a member took the idea and ran to create pumpkin cheesecake bagel bombs.

Even if you have not picked up a copy of the Momofuku Milk Bar, you can still join the Bagel Bonanza. We have compiled homemade bagel recipes, ideas for the basic changeover of your bagels with fresh cheese, and suggestions on how to get everything out of Bagels:

Master of the Foundations

 Homemade bagels "src=" https://images.food52.com/M2j8SKoj5jdWW6qEmuFkFgddsq0=/392x392/01e95f0b-7fdb-49c1-aefd-9c7c845b4090--Bagels.jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> Homemade bagels<br /> by Kenzi Wilbur<br /></figcaption><figure> <img alt=
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
from cook.can.read

change your bagel routine

 Bagel and fresh cheese Strata "src=" https://images.food52.com/3sY61roh-MDwVR81UmGtZghOvhg=/fit-in/800x0/17d8cf54-7cef-4e7c-82b6-e89d791f9e94--bagel_strata_1.jpg "/> 
<figcapti /> Bagel and fresh cheese layers<br /> by fiveandspice<br /></figcaption></figure><div><figure> <img alt=
Inside Out Bagel Grilled cheese
by Ali Slagle
 Bagel with butter and salami "src=" https://images.food52.com/aJuFVlsRu8J7StMUtLyHh7Alxpw=/392x392/46064740-734c-4f7b-9437-6106402c0ff9--bagel_salami_1.jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> Bagel with butter and salami<br /> by fiveandspice<br /></figcaption><figure> <img alt=
Pizza Bagels are back for lunch!
by Sarah Jampel
 How to make bagel chips at home "src=" https://images.food52.com/MwRIH-NmJuVGgCeBWBmsbXCfBRM=/392x392/33493468-3dba-4ea8-bf0f-33c0fff89eb5--VSCO_Cam-1-1.jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> How to make bagel chips at home<br /> by Sarah Jampel<br /></figcaption></div><figure> <img alt= Egg in a bagel hole
by Ali Slagle
 Beet-Cured Salmon "src=" https://images.food52.com/Pxb4Ns1ks7Xkcfypz_jSJrWkj7Y=/392x392/7fd938ae-0fc9-4ca9-9d77-4f5df2ca8973--17182028500_a82e57ddbd_b.jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> Beet-Hardened Salmon<br /> by Derek Laughren<br /></figcaption><figure> <img alt=
Smoked carrot "Lox"
by Sarah Jampel

All spice goes beyond Bagels

 Avocado + All Bagel Spice Smørrebrød "src=" https://images.food52.com/DHUbtcbvwmlERdY3rZ26pn2qpfc=/fit-in/800x0/e3a9fc24-15e1-4738-b921-21ca5eb70d65--2017-0427_udis-sponsored-post -2_james-ransom-262.jpg "/> 
<figcapti /> Avocado + All Bagel Spice Smørrebrød<br /> by Miranda Hammer<br /></figcaption></figure><div><figure> <img alt=
All Bagel Spice Scones
of Posie Harwood
 All bagel spiced nuts "src=" https://images.food52.com/y9FtY1p8JYh0VTh0vSvwl27c4YA=/392x392/9a6578c1-e644-4b62-9e85-8f04e3480e3e--2015-0922_mccormicks-nut-mix-everything-bagel_alpha-smoot_128 .jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> All bagel flavored nuts<br /> of Riddley Gemperlein screen<br /></figcaption><figure> <img alt=
"Everything" Pretzel (onion bread)
by inpatskitchen
 All Bagel Quinoa Cake with Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraîche "src=" https://images.food52.com/GqGYfyKHHIUL3QazyQk6JD_w0TA=/392x392/87d8f47f-bd87-4540-9125-e43cd02b5722--Alles_Bagel_Quinoa_Cakes1.jpg "/>
</figu /><figcaption> All Bagel Quinoa Cake with Smoked Salmon and Crème …<br /> by foxeslovelemons<br /></figcaption></div><p> <em> See how the Baking Club is progressing this fall (and beyond) and join us on Facebook. </em></p> </pre> </pre><p>SOURCES: VEGGIENUMNUM FOOD52 THEBUTTY<br /> SMITTENKITCHEN NOTWITHOUTSALT HOWSWEETEATS</p><div class=