A travel guide for solo travelers to Koh Samui Travel


A travel guide for solo travelers to Koh Samui

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Are you looking for an adventure that combines luxury with culture to experience a unique experience as a solo traveler? Many in the same situation as you choose Thailand as your first international travel destination, especially Indians. And Koh Samui is always one of the most popular places after Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand with exemplary natural beauty, activities and fantastic accommodations, including a variety of beautiful beaches Koh Samui rentals are available and the number of beach bars and restaurants.

Here is the ultimate guide to travel to Koh Samui alone.

Why visit Koh Samui?

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The first reason is that the island mimics most people’s idea of โ€‹โ€‹what a tropical paradise looks like. White sandy beaches stretch around the island with warm sea water on one side and a row of coconut trees behind. You can relax on the beach or go swimming. Beach bars serve cold beer and cocktails in the background of the endless Bob Marley. Oh, and not to mention that the weather is guaranteed to be warm and the view is always incredible. This together makes Koh Samui one of the best travel destinations in Thailand for every tourist.

And when I say that the prospects are always incredible, I don’t necessarily refer to them … ๐Ÿ™‚

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Where are the best places

If you are alone here and want to find some new friends, go to Chaweng. All young tourists spend their time in this area and on the beach. In this area you will find bars, cafes and restaurants full of other backpackers, tourists and solo travelers. The beach is usually full and the nightlife is one of the best and most active in all of Thailand. So if you want to have a good time and get to know other tourists, you should go to Chaweng.

However, I understand that not every traveler wants to spend the whole night drinking and dancing. Some of you may want to visit a tropical retreat to escape everyday stress. If so, consider spas or relax on the quieter beaches like Bang Po and Baan Tai.

The must on Koh Samui

The first thing that many solo travelers want is a unique experience. And Koh Samui offers you many opportunities to get to know the Thai culture. Let’s take a look at some of the key activities to quench your thirst for culture.

  • Big Buddha is probably the most iconic attraction on Koh Samui, a 12-meter Buddha statue in the northeast of the island. The attraction is that the exterior is covered with gold.
  • Another fascinating and somewhat macabre attraction is the mummified monk in Wat Khunaram. As the name suggests, it is a monk who is displayed in a mummified state in a glass case. Bizarre but true.
Koh Samui Thailand Wat Khunaram 1 [Picture:[Image:[Bild:[Image:Flickr / JasonEppink]]
Koh Samui Thailand Wat Khunarum 2 [Picture:[Image:[Bild:[Image:Flickr / Sergi]]
  • You should also visit the Secret Buddha Garden, which is located on the top of the Central Mountains. You follow a steep road through the lush mountains until you reach a large garden. Inside there are several statues of different sizes of Buddha and other animals. In the 1970s, a local resident decided to dedicate his country to the religious icon and began collecting statues.
  • The last must-do activity on Koh Samui is to attend one of the regular cooking classes. Here, a local will teach you how to cook Thai food, which you can then repeat when you return. Classes typically last three hours and range from a single lesson to several weeks of intensive training to turn you into a Thai chef. Most people will choose a short lesson that will give you both new skills and the opportunity to meet other tourists.

How to meet other tourists

As you probably already know, Koh Samui attracts a wide range of tourists, from backpackers who want to party to those who are looking for a retreat. Finding the best place to meet others depends on your own interests. You won’t see a drinking buddy on one of the lonely beaches with a thick book in hand. Likewise, it is highly unlikely that you will meet someone who wants to spend a day in the spa in the late night bars. Finding friends with other travelers is easy if you know the best place to find people who have a similar interest to you.

Other things you should know about Koh Samui

    • Koh Samui is mainly connected to the plane by Bangkok Airways, as the airport in Koh Samui was built by the Bangkok Airways team. There are several flights from them and some from Air Asia etc. Apart from flights there are ferries that also connect the island to the Thai mainland.
    • If you know how to ride a motorcycle, renting one on the island is a lifesaver. Koh Samui Rentals for all motorcycles are available for just $ 15 a day, giving you the freedom to explore the island on your own terms. Some like to drive around the ring road and see the different parts of the island. Others use it as a convenient way to get from A to B instead of relying on taxis.
    • As a solo traveler, especially as a woman, you should also take care to protect yourself if you are traveling after dark. Drunken tourists and dodgy locals can give you unwanted attention or see you as an easy target. You are unlikely to be a victim of a crime, except for minor theft if you are careless, but it never hurts to stay vigilant.
    • On New Year’s Day, a buffalo festival is taking place here that is not as harmful as that in Spain (although I haven’t seen the Spain festival in person, I’ve only seen some of the terrible photos). The same applies to the international sailing competition, which is also held once a year.

People love Koh Samui

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After reading this article, you will probably want to start your solo adventure on this beautiful Thai island. Making friends is easy and you should have no problem immersing yourself in local culture. Get a motorcycle and be sure to protect yourself. Follow these suggestions and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time in Koh Samui. But I could just as well repeat that your hotel stay actually defines your trip, whether you enjoy it or ruin it. Therefore, choose carefully from the available Koh Samui Rentals options.

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