Halloweekend is T-9 days away so celebrations are definitely all right. And while your trick-or-treating days are most likely behind you, it does not mean you have to dress up. Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be one of the more stressful but ultimately enjoyable parts of the upcoming holiday. Choose this year carefully and look into the pantry, fridge or kitchen for Halloween inspiration. The options are in abundance.

Decide for something that stimulates laughter and not controversy. Take a page from Ann Perkins & # 39; of Parks and Rec & # 39; s book and dress up like a cute eggplant. Do not dress like a sombrero wearing mustache for giggles. A quick Google search for "Spaghettikostüm" brings you clearly different results than "Taco couches". The latter is more popular and makes itself more fun – but the implications are gloomy to say the least. Instead, take a look at the Bob's Burgers costume, which runs around the Internet, some costume makers call their Linda Belcher costume "Supportive Burger Wife" to avoid even the slightest copyright infringement. Linda is fun, fun and has an impressive, pebbly voice. Why not be it for Halloween?

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8 rules for throwing a non-cheesy, half-adult Halloween P …
by Catherine Lamb

Or you could look for Hollywood for costume inspiration. A personal favorite of mine is Kyle MacLachlan's leafy shot for his own name. Last year, our favorite film studio in the office occupied itself with stems of Lacinato green cabbage. See: Kale MacLachlan. Funky, fresh, contemporary!

Looking for a pair of costume? Look no further than the preferred strange, but good food combinations of our community. Entertain and inform other Halloween players with your assumption of two foods they would never have thought of (but really should) pair them. Think: chocolate and cheddar or fries and frosties. Or a completely new combo.

And then there is the Halloween costume, which has the internet in a Tizzy: the sexy fish. I have no idea who ever thought it would be a good idea to give each first animal a sharp turn, but unfortunately they did. I can not really recommend this costume, but maybe there is a kind of Goldfish Cracker interpretation. The snack that smiles back, anybody?

No matter, Halloween should be fun. Treat it with ease. Throw a costume and try your hand at this maliciously crusty seedy bark! But please, do not just dress up as a taco.

What do you like this year? A box of saltines? A beefsteak tomato? Tell us in the comments!



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