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The Home Energy Score will come to Portland on January 1, 2018. At this point, all homes for sale (including For Sale By Owners (FSBO)) must have a score In front be offered for sale. There are two determinants of whether a property requires a score: property type and location.

Property type: All “roofed buildings” must have a score. In short, all single family homes need a score. Condominiums are more complicated: from what I’ve read below, you don’t need a score if you have neighbors above or below you, otherwise you will. Out of town Administrative rules::

“Covered Building” or “Home” means any residential structure that, regardless of its size, contains at least one residential unit or house on its own property. The roofed building also includes an attached unit, regardless of whether it is on its own property, with each unit extending from the foundation to the roof, e.g. B. a row house, a row house, a house with a common wall, a maisonette or a town house. A covered building is defined based on the type of structure and physical properties, regardless of ownership or whether the property is privately owned or part of a home owners association or other property agreement. The covered building does not include several vertically stacked residential units, e.g. B. an apartment or an apartment building. The covered building also does not include free-standing ancillary units or prefabricated houses such as mobile homes or caravans. The roofed building does not include any individual residential units that are used exclusively for commercial purposes.

Look up energy scoreLocation: The rule only applies to real estate in the city of Portland. is the best source to make the decision. Enter the property’s address and search for “Portland” in the jurisdiction.

If you meet both requirements, you need a score.

You can find more information in this article.

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