5 warning signs that indicate that you need a new real estate website :REAL ESTATE

Technological advances and design trends are changing. It is inevitable and if you do not make an effort to keep up, you will fall behind.

What your audience expects and what impression they get from your website is the deciding factor in whether they stick to it. If they leave a moment after your arrival, your website will fail.

Here are some very clear signs that it’s time to replace this old website.

1. leads? What leads?

When was the last time your website was responsible for a new lead?
If your online agency doesn’t get you and your company to attract new customers, it’s time for a change.

2. You will continue to be charged for fundamental changes

Modern platforms are very easy to change and do not incur any additional costs.
If you’re nickel-plated and dimmed for the updates you need to make to your site, it’s time for a change.

3. Your Google placement is terrible

With Basic SEO you can be competitive in Google.
You will likely no longer be found in search results if your website is out of date. It is time for a change.

4. It is not optimized for mobile devices

Current traffic analysis shows that 40-50% of your website traffic comes from a mobile device. If your website is not specifically designed for this purpose, they will leave the website without looking around.
Google not only disappoints your audience, but also prefers websites that are suitable for mobile phones.

What your audience expects and what impression they get from your website is the deciding factor in whether they stick to it.

5. It loads slowly

Many factors can affect the loading speed of your site: weak server, poor programming, too many large images, too many plugins, etc. If your site does not load quickly, your target group is not waiting and it is time for a change.


6. It looks dated

Check out the latest trends that your competition is using to impress your audience. If your audience feels that you cannot be competitive, they believe you cannot effectively represent them and their property.

We can help!
If you’re that far down, you’re probably going to consider changing your website. We would be happy to talk to you in a non-binding and non-binding manner. We have been doing this for a long time. It is a pleasure for us to answer your questions. Call us: 530-828-6764 or write us an email.

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