The Nigerian man identified as Frank after he was killed in South Africa


A Nigerian man has reportedly lost his life in South Africa after he was allegedly arrested by the police for not having international passport.



Lordskarly Ebubedike shared the story on Facebook saying: “R.I.P to you, Frank. A young man from Okigwe, Imo State Nigeria, who came to hustle in South Africa and the Police arrested him last night for not having his passport. We all found him dead by the road side. Is this the best way SA Police??? We are all created from the Same flesh incase atleast all average Nigerians paid for South Africans freedom during the school days.



It was called Mandelas fee’s. So is better that you send them home than killing. May your gentle soul test in peace, amen. Have you ever heard that a foreigner was killed by a police officer Or by any uniform man In Nigeria Before ???. Please together we can move ahead $$$$Tmt$$$$.”





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