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Hello my dears! It’s been a while since my previous blog post, I had a short break from blogging. Follow me on Instagram @sokobeauty where I update and post every day. Today I share my new haircut! I went to recently Salon B in Utrecht and the talented hairdresser Iris van der Heijden cut my hair. My hair was extremely long and damaged by curling and coloring every day, so a haircut and hair treatment were required.

It was my first time in this salon and I was amazed at how well decorated and how big it was. It was spacious, clean and friendly service and staff.


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Take a picture and use the many mirrors before you have my hair cut.


I sat down with Iris so that she could get to know me and my hair a bit and what my habits are with my hair. As mentioned earlier, my hair was damaged and extremely long, so I needed a haircut. My other concern is volume – because my hair was so long, it felt heavy and it was difficult to create volume. She had a great solution for this by adding more short layers in between to create more volume without feeling heavy. She also gave me an Olaplex hair treatment that nourished my hair extremely (but not a greasy / heavy feeling), and my hair shone and felt so soft! The picture below was after the Olaplex treatment. It seems!


Here you can see the before and after pictures. This time I didn’t dye my hair, just the Olaplex hair treatment and the cutting. As you can see in the previous picture, it looked boring, damaged, long and out of date. On the afterimages you can see that she cut something off (10 cm) and my hair looks healthier, it shines and is more alive. I was really excited about the Olaplex treatment!

Some more after pictures taken with my Iphone 6s (color is a little different):


I had a nice experience in this salon. I love the result, the service and the nice staff and I could say that Iris was experienced and definitely knew what she was doing. She mentioned that she has a lot of experience with Asian hair and is known for creating beautiful balayage. I fell in love with her Instagram (@ IrisHeijden) where she presents her work. You can see that she also has experience dyeing different hair types, and she is particularly experienced in balayage style.

If you would like to visit this salon, you will find the address here:
Minrebroederstraat 13
3512 GS Utrecht
Tel .: +31 (0) 30 3039716
Email: [email protected]

Make sure to book an appointment in advance before you set off, as these are often fully booked!

Note: This treatment was given to me in exchange for an honest assessment, it is not sponsored and my opinion of my experience is entirely my own.

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