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Guaranteed estimate!

Simple. All day long. At Nautilus, we believe that every project should be completed on budget. Isn’t that the contract price? Allowances are simply another way to change the order of changes. Since this is a disaster for everyone, no allowances are granted. And since most people agree that it is difficult to guarantee the price of something if you don’t know what the item is, we ask that you make timely decisions. If you do not make the selection, we cannot rate it and it is not included in the price. But as soon as you have made your selection, we can evaluate it, include it and guarantee the price 100% without exception. Fair?

Guaranteed schedule!

You better believe it! No ifs and buts about it; We guarantee our appointments. We believe the following three conditions are reasonable to give you the schedule security you deserve:

Since no one knows how long it will take to get an approval, we only guarantee the schedule after we have the approval in hand.

Of course, weather delays are not included, but we will let you know when the delay occurred and document it at the time of the event, so there will be no surprise at the end of the project.

The big one comes next – we can only guarantee our schedule if you make the necessary selections according to the selection calendar we give you during the design phase. Some people still insist that the project must be completed on time, even if there are still open decisions to be made. At Nautilus we believe in a real partnership with our customers. A partnership in which both parties meet their commitments to ensure the timely completion of their home.

Awesome guarantees!

The builders of the US state of Georgia offer a 10-2-1 guarantee: 10 years for the construction, 2 years for the delivery of mechanical systems (water, electrics and HVAC) and 1 year for the processing. At Nautilus, however, we would be embarrassed to build a new home for you or to remodel your kitchen under these conditions.

Quite simply, we put our money where our mouth is, and instead of 10-2-1 we give 10-5-2. Every builder speaks of platitudes about pride in “craftsmanship”, but are these builders ready to underpin their craftsmanship in writing with terms of guarantee that are as strict as ours?

Price security. Plan security. Awesome guarantees!
Savannah only.
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Published on May 31, 2017 at 5:31 am

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