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Home Loan - Virginia Beach

By Katie Bassett

Your mind is ready to turn the recently purchased fixer upper into your beautiful dream home, but your bank account may feel different.

Some additional funds are needed to improve your fixer-upper-home, but your savings account should not prevent you from starting the renovation work. There are several mortgage and loan options that are perfect for families who want to modernize their home.

Find out more about the home loan

A home loan could be the answer to your home renovation prayers, as you can purchase the house with a reserve that is deposited to finance home renovations. This loan is ideal for families who can afford the mortgage payment but may not have enough money for renovations. To determine your mortgage payment, use a mortgage calculator to calculate your estimated payments for your home.

As soon as the mortgage is closed on a house, one part pays for the house, while the other part is paid into an escrow account. Once the work at home is complete, the money is released from the escrow account to pay the contractor.

Find the right contractor

When applying for a renovation loan, it is important to find the right contractor. Your loan amount varies depending on the extent of the renovation and the value of the property valuation in which your contractor operates.

Be picky about choosing a contractor. Not only do you need to be licensed, insured and in good shape, you also want to find a contractor that you can easily communicate with. You want to share your vision with the contractor and make sure you are both on the same page.

You should also do some research before meeting with various contractors to determine who is suitable for the job. Most homeowners rely on the interview process to learn about the products, services, and processes required for the job they need to do. However, this is an important myth when it comes to finding the right contractor. Without researching the project and scope of work, you won’t know the right questions to ask yourself when interviewing potential contractors.

Once determined, determine which repairs are required and how much they cost. Create a sales contract that reflects the information and present it to your lender for approval. After the list of contractors and the scope of the work has been approved, you can get started!

You are done!

Whether you are looking for Virginia Beach Condominiums. Chesapeake Homes, or Hampton real estateThere are a lot of ways to buy a fixer upper and turn it into the home of your dreams.

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