Items for which you are wasting your money MONEY SAVING

Here are some things for which you are wasting your money. Avoid buying them to reduce the remorse of your shoppers and save a few euros.

Money is made for being spent, right? But have you ever bought anything just to find that it was unnecessary? I have! Here are some things for which you are wasting your money. Avoid buying them to reduce the remorse of your shoppers and save a few euros.

brand products

Did you know that many branded products are made by the same company that makes the brand? In addition, the products of the trademarks are subject to the same standards as their more expensive counterparts. Save some money here and there by buying branded products instead of branded products.

Spoiling food

Buying too much food, not eating leftovers and forgetting the food we all have causes the food to spoil. Read these top 5 tips to save money on food and find out what you can do to prevent spoilage and use what you have.

Late fees

£ 2 here and £ 5 there add up to a lot of money being wasted on late fees. And because of what? Bad budget? Bad organization? Pay attention to when invoices are due to avoid late fees. If possible, make payments automatically withdraw from your account.

Lottery tickets

Most people consider the lottery a fast, rich program, but that's just it: a program. The only problem is that those who get rich will give their money. The next time you're ready to buy a lottery ticket, you should instead consider whether you want to put that money into savings.


It's alright to treat yourself to this 5-pound cup of coffee from time to time, but turning it into an everyday habit can be the same as throwing away money. Invest in a good brewing system and prepare your favorite cup of coffee at home.
Bottled water

Tap water is drinkable. Stop wasting your money on bottled water, especially with the more expensive ones. Get a reusable water bottle and refill it from the tap.

Fast food

It's really cheaper to shop in the store and cook at home. A nutrition plan helps. If you have a plan, you are less likely to pass the thoroughfare on your way home.


The rate at which some update their mobile devices is amazing. Stop the upgrade unless it is a problem affecting the use of your phone. If you're using mobile devices, look for in-app purchases. These are usually bought to speed up the game and are a waste of money.

cleaning supplies

With bathroom, carpet, shower, toilet, sink, furniture and appliances cleaning products, it's no wonder we spend more on cleaning products than ever before. Get more out of your money by sticking to a few basic products that cleanse a variety of surfaces.

Disposable paper products

From napkins to towels, these costs add up. And just think, they are bought to be thrown away! Why do we buy things to throw away? Invest in high-quality reusable napkins. They can be used to wipe everything from your hands to your dishes and spills, which are a fact of life.


If you can not wait to get an item, pay the shipping costs. However, if you are not in a hurry, opt for the cheaper, sometimes free shipping. It may arrive one or two days later than the fast option, but the money you saved is worth it.

Training fees & surcharges

Are you still paying for gym membership that you have not used for months? Put this money towards a few free weights and get your heart pumping for heart outdoors. In a healthy diet supplements are not required.

Are you wasting money on these things? Do not wait until your budget suffers. See how many you can cut out now.

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