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We generally don’t plan our trip, but if we want to visit a place like New York, we need some homework to avoid being overwhelmed and capturing the city’s best sights and attractions. You can read this post on 10 New York Attractions If you want to see the places we will explore in this beautiful city. I chose this list because I found it the most comprehensive and informative what I found on the Internet. In this post, I’ll list the amazing things we’re going to do in New York.

Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

Things to do in New York

Brooklyn bridge

A stroll on the famous Brooklyn Bridge is one of the activities that every tourist enjoys. It’s full, but still charming, an activity worth experiencing.

Visit the large central station

Things to do in New York

Grand Central Station

This place is suitable for anyone who likes to watch people, shop and enjoy wonderful food. You should take a tour of this historic terminal to get a real view of the city.

Listen to live jazz

Things to do in New York

Live jazz

Listening to live jazz in New York has long been on my bucket list. The city has so many great venues to experience live jazz. I’ll go to either Arthur’s Tavern or the Metropolitan Room to catch the best of jazz.

Party in the house of yes

Things to do in New York

House of yes

Experience New York nightlife and party at the House of Yes. I think it will be an entertaining event with lots of dance and music.

Watch hockey at the Barclays Center

Barclays Center

Barclays Center

I love to play hockey and watch. This place is well worth a visit if you are a hockey enthusiast.

These are my planned activities in New York. I’m pretty overwhelmed with so many options and will add a few more to the list. Have you ever been to New York! Please leave your suggestions if I missed an amazing activity that could be done in New York. protection status

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