6 Real Estate Blogging Tools and Gadgets Worth Considering :REAL ESTATE

Here are a handful of blogging gadgets (tools, apps) that you may find useful.

1. Calm – Write the app

When I write blogs, I usually use a notepad program before posting on my WordPress website. I find it easier to focus on the level, with no frills, no distraction from the simple notepad.

Until I came across this online writing tool: Quiet. Calmly is a professional text editor that invites you to just write.
You can format content, add pictures, save your work, etc. But it’s the simple writing surface that convinced me.

Listen – Maybe it fits your blogging needs too.

2nd HemingwayApp – Readability tool

If you’re concerned with the “readability” of your blog posts, this is a great desktop app for you.

The HemingwayApp rates your readability on a scale from 1 to 24 (higher is worse). The text in your post that is recognized as problematic is then highlighted. It even offers suggestions and solutions for your writing.

I do not use it. But it seems useful enough to recommend.
(Edit: I only used it to tidy up this post a little. Worked like magic)

3rd IrfanView – Image editor

I have been using this lightweight image editor for 20 years.

It is quick and easy once you understand the use of keyboard shortcuts (instead of moving your mouse through the menus).

I use it to resize, crop, and optimize every image I publish.

4th CoSchedules Headline Analyzer

I think I have a pretty good grasp of writing headlines that are clicked on. However, it is always good to be criticized and get additional advice for improvement.

It’s simple: just insert (or type in) your headline, and this app provides a thorough analysis of your efforts.

I used it to see how it works … but I haven’t relied on it since. I could see that it is useful for new bloggers who want to make sure their headings are effective.

5. Pictochart – Infographic app

I recently wrote about the undeniable effectiveness of infographics on social media.

This free tool has a lot of bells and whistles to create stunning and informative infographics. There is a certain learning curve, and creating a nice infographic is a time investment, but it is nice to work with such a tool.

I usually use Photoshop for my graphic design work, but I’m impressed with this tool and plan to try it out for my next infographic.

6. Canva – Graphic design for dummies

I love this tool.

This makes graphic design fun, easy and successful for those who don’t use Photoshop and don’t have much time.

Basically, you have to try Canva if you have something to say about graphic design and want to post it on your blog or social media section.

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