The unnecessary pressure from Christmas Mother

Granted, that was just a thread. But over the course of a few days, more pictures of impressive festive creations and sophisticated to-do lists were leaked to me, and I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. So much seems to be expected from parents these days before Christmas.

First, you have to trample people in the supermarket on Black Friday if you panic buying gifts that you don’t really need, but feel like you should buy them because they have colossal savings over the list price that they are in Week definitely not have increased before. Then you have to think of December 1st. What are you doing for Advent? Some people do book advent, others do craft advent, others give an indication of where the chocolate is hidden every day – because if life wasn’t busy enough, you can get up ten minutes earlier to make it easier daily damn treasure hunt. Then you have to get the elf down for the shelf and get him to do naughty things every day.

We have Advent calendars for the boys bought in the shop again and they are satisfied. We have an elf – because the bribe potential for good behavior is great – but he doesn’t write news in Weetos or make Barbie cozy because I don’t have time. He basically moves on the shelf and the kids find it amazing.

I suppose my point is that Christmas isn’t the flashy thing. Unless, of course, you want it to be. If you pay for a personalized letter from Santa Claus and want to arrange a visit to a top-notch grotto (with a Santa Claus so natural that he went through the Santa Factor Boot Camp and the judges’ houses to secure the role) then Do it. You don’t have to defend these actions if they are mean something to me.

But don’t do these things because you feel like you should, or worse because you’re worried that your Christmas Instagram feed will look a little shitty. What if Derek can be seen in the picture from the garden center’s black mustache above his Santa’s beard and the gift he gave your son is a shitty plastic toy for the bathroom when you don’t even have a bath (real story). Children are brilliant. Children think Santa knew you didn’t have a bath, but bought the toy for their outer water bowl.

Children do not come on Christmas Eve and think that Christmas is ruined because there is no personalized ceramic plate for minced meat pie and carrot or because they do not have new pajamas in their ‘Christmas Eve box’. You don’t wake up in a cold sweat because you forgot to buy glittering reindeer food to strew on the front door step.

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