Knit & Purl Mama: Halloween 2015 Knitting

Hall window (2)

As I talked about my Christmas window yesterday, I totally forgot to show you my Halloween window from this past Halloween! We had a blast with this fall / Halloween window last year. You've already seen the Katia pillow we used to make the witch, but there were some funny pieces in this window that I'd like to show you.

Hall window (1)

We had a skeleton knitted …

pumpkin2 pumpkin

And a pumpkin that I knit with 4 threads Cascade Lana Grande on 15mm needles. I followed that Jack is a little pumpkin Pattern by Elizabeth Murphy with the exception that I sized it super! The stem has been double-stranded by Diamond Luxury Collection Embrace.

scare1 scare2

I crochet a jumpsuit for the two scarecrows in the window.

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This was just a free-form crochet project without a pattern. I used a 5mm crochet hook and Schachenmayr Wool 125 in orange.she were both A project for an evening.

hallowig "border =" 0 "height =" 370 "src =" "" border-top: 0px; Right edge: 0px; Background image: none; Bottom edge: 0px; Padding shell: 0px; fill left: 0px; Edge left: 0px; Display: Inline; fill right: 0px "title =" hallowig

Not part of my window, but a project I wanted to finish in time for Halloween was my Hallowigthat I had started the year before, but then was distracted by it. That did not come out big enough and I knitted it for pattern. I am very disappointed with this project. I'll see if I can roll back, tear back, extend and repair the litter. However, I'm not sure if I would ever wear it, so I'm not sure it's really worth it.


And to end my Halloween post, here's a picture of my boys on Halloween night. I have a hockey player, a Batman and a G.I. Some Joe soldier. They had a great pastime last fall.

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