Knit & Purl Mama: Abundant butterflies Knitting


I had these Bountiful Butterflies in the shop window from May to July 2015. I made 2 cell phones. (Here is the first one and Here is the second one). Two of my friends helped me thread all the beads. Crocheting the butterflies was a lot of fun. I used up all the worsted scraps I had in my supply. I used a 5.5mm and a 5mm crochet hook for this project. If I had a daughter, this would have been a fun cell phone to take to kindergarten.


I used an embroidery hoop as a ring on which the butterflies hang. I wrapped it up with a nice satin ribbon. The pearls were a large, assorted pony pearl bag that I picked up from Walmart. It was a fun project!


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