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This adorable golden labrador is called magic.

Magic was trained to measure blood sugar levels in people with diabetes by the smell of their breath.

This is Magic with its owner Claire.

Claire has “brittle” diabetes, which means that she has large fluctuations in blood sugar levels that cause either hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Claire’s body stopped giving her Warning signs that she was “hypo” …

… But Magic is able to detect even tiny smell changes in Claire’s breath, indicating that she may be hypo. Amazingly, he can still do this from another room in the house.

When Claire’s blood sugar drops below the 4.5 (Hypo) scale, Magic warns her by poking, licking, or even bringing her diabetes test kit to Claire.

Magic has done this more than 1,300 times and saved Claire from possible seizures, serious injuries, loss of consciousness, and even from entering a diabetic coma.

And that’s why he’s magic …

Magic is one of the incredible dogs for the detection of diabetes by the Medical Detection Dogs charity. The charity near Milton Keynes has trained dogs to detect cancer, Addison’s disease, and diabetes. To learn more about this story, visit the BBC.

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