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Shortly after the start of the new year, The Butty made a trip across the pond to visit the glowing beacon of New York City Sandwich Goodness. And got a bit fat. Among the world-famous delicacies of Katz and Carnegie, there are more and more delicious breads and fillings in the city than you could do in a month with lunch, let alone the few days of that visit. That said, one of the best of the holiday was actually for breakfast, rather than lunch, and came from the bagel joint around the corner from the hotel – Murray's.

  A dozen of the finest - six simple, six onions.

Murray's bagels are amazing, whether you're talking about the bakery or their products. While the ordering process is classic NYC (do not even bother to go near the counter, unless you can cancel your order in under 3 seconds), they even make the best London bagels like anemic pretzels. The dough has a wonderful, shiny shine and the interior has a few bubbles and a nice, slightly tough consistency. They are also huge, as one might expect from a city known to grow up, not out – the height and extent of which are sufficient when they are empty, but when filled with fillings , they are absolutely impressive. [19659005] After they had completely fallen in love and were based on the fact that the transatlantic delivery is usually a ridiculous proposition, a dozen stowaways were returned to the UK via checked-in baggage and frozen ready for today's homage to the West Village create.


This bagel is based on a classic recipe – cream cheese and salmon. In addition to the heaps of both (the upper and lower slices are smothered with a thick, thick layer of Philly), there are some chopped capers along with dill, lemon juice, and thinly sliced ​​red onions and tomatoes. A little salt and pepper completes things with the final sandwich that sits about 4 "from top to bottom – as the fuzzy hotdog has proven, the imperial system tubing over metric measurements when it comes to show off food.

So there you go – if you're in NYC, get a bagel at Murray's in the West Village – but do not forget to order quickly, loosen up your belt, and get another dozen when you get back in the country who forgot bagels.

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